Quamé Love


Quamé Love

Lecturer, Program Coordinator in the Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence

E: quame@berkeley.edu
P: 310-643-9269


John “Quamé Love” Patton is the program coordinator for African American and Transfer Student Initiatives in the Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence. He earned his BA in African American Studies from U.C. Berkeley and his MA in Social Studies from the Teacher’s College at Columbia University. He is a former musical recording artist and has published four albums through longstanding independent record companies under the pseudonym Superstar Quamallah. Currently, he performs as a professional DJ and he is also the Founder/CEO of Gig Brothers–an audio tech company that provides sound for special events. His courses reflect his passion for underground Hiphop culture, African and Indigenous philosophy and Holistic Education. His philosophy as an educator is that true success starts with self awareness and knowing “who you are”. His book, The Power of Letting Go: Discovering the Real You, is a testament of his own journey towards self discovery as well as a guide for others.