Insurgency: The Black Matter(s) Issue

The fall edition of The Diaspora, a biannual publication of the Department of African American Studies at UC Berkeley, is now live! 

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"Black lives matter. However, what that actually means to people in different locations, with different experiences and different life chances is decidedly more complicated. The complexities of mobilizing against anti-Black racism is reflected in the naming of this issue—aiming to be in conversation with the ongoing struggles in the streets and the assertions of Black humanity online, while at the same time reflecting the peculiar position of Black scholars writing from the ivory tower. The title and contents of this issue are meant to engage with the roots of #BlackLivesMatter and to encapsulate the multiple meanings of being black, and how and why that matters in this moment of virulent suppression of Black bodies and the spectacular and mundane executions of black people."

The issue features contributions from African American Studies Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students: Robert Allen, Kenly Brown, Charisse Burden, Grace Gipson, Jarvis Givens, Essence Harden and Jihaari Terry, Aya de León, Ameer Loggins, Selina Makana, Michael McGee, Jr., Kimberly McNair, Na’ilah Suad Nasir, Ianna Hawkins Owen, Tianna Paschel, Vernessa Parker, Leigh Raiford, Gabriel Regalado, Fayia Sellu, and Ula Taylor.

This issue also includes a collaboratively written Solidarity Statement; cover art by Essence Harden and Jihaari Terry; and author names on the table of contents are linked to your department profiles.

We will also release a print issue in late Jan.