African Language Resources

The Department of African American Studies in partnership with the Center for African Studies supports the African language learning needs of students and faculty. Currently, we are offering courses in Amharic, Igbo, and Kiswahili. Arabic is available through the Department of Near Eastern Studies. Students from other UC campuses can enroll in courses through the UC Online Cross Campus Enrollment System(CCES). Some of the courses offered include AFRICAM 11A – Elementary SwahiliAFRICAM 11B – Elementary Swahili,  AFRICAM 10A – Intermediate SwahiliAFRICAM 10B – Intermediate SwahiliAFRICAM 15A – Advanced SwahiliAFRICAM 15B – Advanced SwahiliAFRICAM 16A – Elementary IgboAFRICAM 16B – Elementary IgboAFRICAM 18A – Elementary AmharicAFRICAM 18B – Elementary AmharicAFRICAM 21A – Intermediate AmharicAFRICAM 21B – Intermediate Amharic. They along with students from California State Universities, California community colleges and select other local higher education institutions may be eligible to enroll in other UC Berkeley courses through various programs. Members of the larger community can enroll through concurrent enrollment via UC Extension.

The Center for African Studies offers Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships in the academic year and summer that provide tuition and a stipend to students studying an African language and taking relevant African Studies courses. For eligibility, requirements and other details, visit the Center’s FLAS page.

Over the years, Berkeley students have also studied Afrikaans, Bamana, Lingala, Malagasy, Shona, Xhosa, Yoruba, and Zulu among other languages. While we are not offering these languages now, the Center for African Studies encourages Berkeley faculty, staff and students to indicate your ability to speak or interest in learning African languages by completing this online survey. There are also options to study these languages in the summer at other Programs and with FLAS fellowships.

Contact the Center for African Studies for more information on studying African languages: