Reginold A. Royston

Reginold royston

Reginold A. Royston

Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, African Cultural Studies

P: 413-597-4868


I received my PhD in African Diaspora Studies with a designated emphasis in New Media in spring 2014. I’ve received degrees in anthropology and philosophy from Howard University. My areas of interest include Science & Technology, media, modernity and race, Online education, and IT for Social Change. My dissertation, Trending in Ghana: Homeland, Diaspora and New Media Publics, investigates how diaspora is deployed in discourse on development; in news, social and entertainment media; and in the social imaginary of Ghana. I also research the role of online classrooms in promoting global Internet Citizenship. These epistemological concerns emerge from African diaspora theory and philosophy, as well as my experience as a community historian, professional journalist and technology activist. In my academic research, I incorporate insights and methodology from sociology and anthropology; cultural and textual analysis from Africana Studies; and critical insight on networks and IT development from New Media scholars. I am a retired music critic. You can follow me on twitter – @raroyston & @uncleregis, as well as and .