Petra Rivera Rideau

Petra rivera rideau

Petra Rivera Rideau

Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech



Petra Rivera-Rideau is an assistant professor of Africana Studies in the Department of Sociology at Virginia Tech.  Prior to this, she held a postdoctoral fellowship in Latin American and Iberian Studies at the University of Richmond as part of the Consortium for Faculty Diversity in Liberal Arts Colleges program. Dr. Rivera-Rideau’s research interests concern race in Latin America and the Caribbean, diaspora studies, and popular culture. She is currently finishing her first book manuscript, tentatively titled Todo Puerto Rico!: Race and Diaspora in Puerto Rican Reggaeton, that concerns the entanglements of race, gender, and national identity in the reggaeton scene in Puerto Rico. She has also published in journals such as Popular Music and Society, Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies, and Transitions Magazine.


Popular culture
Race theory
Diaspora theory
Latin America and the Caribbean