Marisa J. Fuentes

Marissa fuentes

Marisa J. Fuentes

Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies, Rutgers University

P: 732.932.9331


Marisa J. Fuentes completed her Ph.D. in the department of African American Studies at University of California, Berkeley in July of 2007. She joined the faculty of Women’s and Gender Studies and History in 2009. Her current manuscript, The Archives of Slavery: Gender, Power and Sexuality in Eighteenth Century Urban Caribbean explores the spatial, historical and symbolic confinement enslaved women experienced in eighteenth-century Bridgetown, Barbados. Grounded in archival research and recent scholarship on gender and enslavement, Fuentes investigates how the construction of legal, architectural and historical “spaces” marked enslaved women’s bodies and experiences, in life and death. Fuentes’ work brings together critical historiography, historical geography, cultural and black feminist theory in her analyses of enslaved women in the colonial urban Atlantic. Her other research interests include studies of gender, power, and sexuality and post-colonial theory and black Atlantic/Caribbean Studies.Recent Publications: