Gabriel Regalado

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Gabriel Regalado




Gabriel is a scholar-organizer focused on harmonizing liberation theory with community praxis. He is currently the ACLS Emerging Voices Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice at Brown Univeristy. He earned his Ph.D. in African Diaspora Studies with a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory at UC Berkeley in 2021. He earned his B.A. in Pan-African Studies at Cal State LA in 2013. Gabriel‘s concentrations of study include Pan-Africanism, the Black Radical Tradition, Black nationalism, Marxist Theory, political theory, political economy, and Austronesian futurity. As a community-based organizer with the Social Justice Learning Institute, he is concerned with issues of state-sanctioned violence, mass incarceration, mass deportation, community empowerment and solidarity, youth leadership development, and economic justice.