Franchesca Araújo

Schesca A

Franchesca Araújo

Doctoral Student


Franchesca got her BA in International Studies with a concentration in ethics and international justice and African and African Diaspora studies at Boston College. Most importantly she loves the ocean.

Research interests:

histories and legacies of decolonial Afro Latin American feminisms in disrupting the violence and erasure sustained by the project of “latinidad”

Black leftist social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean focusing especially on Brasil and the Dominican Republic. 

histories of radical Black thought in the Dominican Republic and disrupting dominant imaginaries of Black Dominicans that dedifferentiates them with the state elite.

Haitian and Black Dominican histories and futures of solidarity, centering Afro diasporic religions vodun and Vudu as entities of intracommunal linkage. 

The convergence and collaboration of US imperial and neoliberal violence with Latin American state violence in the subjugation of Black communities in Latin America, and 

centering Black latinidad in imagining global Black liberation