Erin N. Winkler

Erin Winkler-2.jpg

Erin N. Winkler

Department of African & African Diaspora Studies - Associate Professor

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

P: 414.229.5081


Effects of racism on individuals, communities, and society; Racial identity development and well-being in children and adolescents; African American families; Qualitative research methods in Africology; Sociology of African American communities; Race and place (nationally and internationally). 


Racial socialization; Racial identity development in African American families and communities; The impact of gender, skin tone, and other demographic factors on racial identity development and responses to racism; The effect of place on shaping conceptualizations and experiences of race and racism.


Dr. Winkler’s book Learning Race, Learning Place: Shaping Racial Identities and Ideas in African American Childhoods was published by Rutgers University Press as part of their Series in Childhood Studies (2012).

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