David Kyeu


David Kyeu

Lecturer, and Language Assessment and Distant Language Coordinator

654 Barrows Hall

E: kyeu@berkeley.edu


David Kyeu earned his Ph.D. in African Languages and Literature, and a minor in Second Language Acquisition from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He also received a Master’s degree in Swahili studies and a Bachelor of education degree (Swahili and Mathematics) from Egerton University. His teaching and research interests are in academic writing, and in the broader issues of Swahili language and cultures, second language acquisition, applied linguistics, children’s literature, and language policy in education. 

His doctoral dissertation “The Impact of Interactive Conversations Swahili Essay Writing” investigated how Facebook chat and face-to-face conversations helped American students in both speaking and writing Swahili.  David recently published an article in an American Russian journal focusing on Facebook chat and writing of Swahili.  Dr. Kyeu is in the early stages of revising his dissertation project into a book manuscript. He has presented his work in scholarly forums both within and outside the U.S.A. 

Prior to joining UC, Berkeley, Dr. Kyeu taught Swahili language and cultures at Brown University, the University of Florida, Touro University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Here at UC, Berkeley he teaches a freshman course in academic writing during the fall semester, and also offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced Swahili courses throughout the academic year.  

Besides teaching and doing research, Dr. David Kyeu also served as the webmaster in Berkeley’s department of African American studies, and in October, 2018, he started a new role as the Language Assessment and Distant Language Coordinator at the Berkeley’s Center for African Studies.

Dr. Kyeu is a former Fulbright Scholar at Brown University (2005-2006), and a recipient of the Swedish International Development Agency fellowship at Karlstad University in 2002.  In 2009, he was honored with a teaching excellence award by the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

David is currently the Deputy Director (2019-present) of the Global Association of Promoting Swahili (GAPS), and also an active member of ALTA and NCOLCTL. In 2017, he co-edited a journal that was jointly published by GAPS and MULIKA at the Institute of Swahili Research in Tanzania.  


Articles and Edited Volumes

Kyeu, D., Lupogo, I., Mataka, K. & Mtabazi, M. (2021). ‘Asili, Matumizi, na Mtazamo wa Salamu ya “Shikamoo” katika Jamii ya Watumiaji wa Kiswahili’ (The Origin, Use, and Perspectives of the Greeting “Shikamoo” among Speakers of Swahili). MULIKA. Institute of Swahili Research, Dar es Salaam. (Under Review). 

Kyeu, D. et.al. (2017). Co-Editor, MULIKA 2017 TOLEO MAALUM, MAKALA YA KONGAMANO LA CHAUKIDU 2016. Institute of Swahili Research Dar es Salaam. ISBN 0856 – 0129.

Kyeu, D. (2015). ‘Kuwakosoa Wanafunzi Kimawasiliano’ (Correcting Students Communicatively) The Journal of African Languages Teachers Association (JALTA) Language Specific Swahili Vol. 2

Kyeu, D. (2014) ‘The Impact of Facebook Chat on Swahili Essay Writing.’ Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science, and Technology, Volume 1, p. 34-64

Kyeu, D. (2014) ‘Technology and Swahili Essay Writing.’ Russian-American Education Forum: An Online Journal. Volume: 6, Issue: 3 Dec. 1, 2014

Kyeu, D. (2012) ‘Ubisharazishwaji wa Utahini wa Kiswahili: Mfano wa TOKFL.’ Journal of African Languages Teachers Association (JALTA) Language Specific Swahili, Vol. 1


Kyeu, D. (2012) Beginning Swahili Workbook and Guide: Homework Exercises, Quizzes, Final Exam and Noun Classes. Outskirts Publishing Press, Colorado, USA

Kyeu, D. (2011) Swahili Noun Classes: Your Friendly Workbook and Guide. Outskirts Publishing Press. Colorado, USA

Kyeu, D. (2010) Kibali. Outskirts Publishing Press. Colorado, USA.

Service to Community (both locally and globally) 

1. Committee Member. GAPS Conferences held in Washington DC (2015), Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi (2016), University of Dar es Salaam (2017), State University of Zanzibar (2018), Kyambogo University, Uganda (2019), GAPS Online Conference (2020), Pwani University, Kenya (2021), Howard University, Washington DC (2022)

2. Gender Equity and Inclusivity. Talks, presentations, and writing on developing LGBTQ-friendly Swahili curriculum, lesson plans and content. Sample: https://www.academia.edu/12205629/Developing_LGBTIQ_friendly_Swahili_lessons 

3. Availing Knowledge in African LanguagesSample: https://www.academia.edu/24210427/Swahili_in_the_Life_of_African_American_People