Major Requirements

To declare the major in African American Studies, students must complete three prerequisite courses. To complete the major students must take four upper division core courses and four upper division elective courses.
Pre-requisite Requirements:
1.     AAS 4A: Africa: History and Culture
2.     AAS 5A: African American Life and Culture in the United States
3.     AAS 5B: African American Life and Culture in the United States
Upper Division Core Requirements:
1.     AAS 100: Black Intellectual Thought
2.     AAS 101: Interdisciplinary Research Methods
3.     AAS 116:  Colonialism, Slavery, and African Life before 1865
4.     AAS 195:  Senior Seminar
Elective Requirements:
  • Students must comlete four additional upper division elective courses focused on a specific area of concentration (cluster). At least 3 courses must come from within the department
  • For students who are doing an honors thesis. H195A will serve as en elective. The remaining courses may be taken from other departments
  • The cluster must be pre-approved by the department’s academic advisor

For more information, please contact Eric Cheatham