On These We Stand: Collecting, Documenting and Archiving Black Lives and Cultures

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Archives hold the historical receipts that document and reveal the innovations, philosophies, and cultural dynamics of society. Without scholars, curators, intellectuals, and archivists like those serving on this panel, the power of Black lives and cultures would be pounded by the hammers of revisionism and relegated to obscurity. In a time of raging debates around “critical race theory” and book banning, collecting, documenting, and archiving Black lives and cultures across the diaspora remain an essential foundation for Afrofuturism. This powerful panel has been assembled to address some of the challenges and victories met related to how we preserve the voices and visions of Black intellectuals, creatives, activists, historians, tech pioneers, and workers.


Attend in-person or via Zoom:

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Free and open to the public! Food will be served.