• Summer 2015 : African American Studies 12 Intensive Elementary Swahili

    • 001 LEC MTWTF 9-12P / 101 LAB MTWTF 12-1P
    • Kyeu
    • LEC 54 Barrows / LAB 104 Barrows
    • 8

    AAS  12   001 LEC  MTWTF 9-12P  54   BARROWS   Intensive Elementary Swahili   KYEU, D   06/22-08/14/15

    AAS  12   101 LAB  MTWTF 12-1P  104 BARROWS   Intensive Elementary Swahili

    This will be an intensive introduction of the Swahili language to beginners specificy designed for second language Swahili learners. The course is equivalent to two semesters of studying Swahili, with a full academic year credit. In order to attain the necessary proficiency (1-1+, using Interagency Round Table (ILR) scale) by the end of 8 weeks, students will need to commit themselves to use the Swahili language at all times outside class. The primary focus is to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with special emphasis on developing communicative language skills.