• Summer 2014 : African American Studies 12 Summer Intensive Elementary Swahili

    Summer Intensive Elementary Swahili Advert.png
    • MTWTF 9:00–1:00 PM
    • KYEU, D
    • TBA
    • 8

    AAS 12 will be an intensive program equivalent to two semesters of studying elementary Swahili, with full academic year credit. Instruction will take 4 contact hours Mondays through Fridays, plus extra hours for homework. In order to attain the necessary proficiency (1 – 1+, using Inter-agency Roundtable (ILR) scale) by the end of the 8 weeks, students will need to commit themselves to use Swahili language at all times outside class.  Teaching of this course will employ a communicative approach that entails student-centered, performance-based, and context-oriented Swahili language teaching that will be in line with the standards for teaching foreign languages in the United States. To meet the objectives of the course of integrating reading, writing, listening, and speaking with communication strategies and cultural skills, the instructor and students will agree to use Swahili language exclusively within and outside the classroom. At the end of each level of instruction, it is hoped that students will be able demonstrate a) greater facility of communication, b) broader understanding of how to engage in the historical and socio-cultural contexts in which Swahili language is used, and c) expanded individual capabilities in learning how to adapt Swahili language skills for life-long learning.

    Tuition information for this course is available in the following link http://summer.berkeley.edu/registration/fees