• Spring 2015 : African American Studies 153C Novels of Toni Morrison

    • TTh 12:30–2pm
    • Darieck Scott
    • 118 Barrows
    • 3

    We will closely read six of Nobel laureate Toni Morrison’s novels, as well as some of her public addresses, considering the works in relation to: Morrison’s interest in creating what she calls “village literature” and in writing literature that does “trope work” that intervenes in American representations of blackness and racial identity; her theorization of the politics of race, gender and sexuality in everyday social life; her contribution to the renaissance of black women’s writing (and African American literature in general) in the 1980s and 1990s; the techniques of magic realism; the influence of feminism and the Black Power/Black Arts Movement in her representational strategies.

    Required Texts


    The Bluest Eye Sula Song of Solomon Tar Baby Beloved



    The Dancing Mind

    “Nobel Lecture”

    Recommended texts

    Playing in the Dark