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  • African American Studies 142A Third World Cinema

    Three hours of lecture, plus two hours of viewing/discussion per week. Prerequisites: Reading and composition requirement. Examines through lectures and a selection of films, the development and achievements of Third World motion picture artistry. Social, political, and cultural themes are discussed, with particular emphasis given to major works from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Other newly developed film sources from abroad are presented for critical assessment.
  • African American Studies 13A Elementary Zulu

    Four hours of lecture and one hour of laboratory per week. This course introduces students to speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Zulu. Instruction is mixed English and Zulu. Emphasis is placed on developing student ability to create and to communicate with basic Zulu structures and vocabulary in a culturally and socially appropriate context. Speaking and listening abilities are developed through oral exercises, class discussions, and recordings available from Berkeley Language Center. Reading and writing are developed through in-class exercise, independent reading projects, and compositions. This course not open to native or heritage speakers of Zulu.
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  • African American Studies 199 Supervised Independent Study and Research

    Course may be repeated for credit. Enrollment is restricted; see the Introduction to Courses and Curricula section of this catalog. Must be taken on a passed/not passed basis. Forms for independent study are available in the department office.
  • African American Studies 123 Social and Political Thought in the Diaspora

    Three hours of lecture per week. An examination of social and political thought of Africans traveling across the Diaspora, with particular focus on the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • African American Studies 109 Black and Male in American Life

    Three hours of lecture per week. Prerequisites: Upper division status. The course examines ways gender and race constructions shape the lives of African American males. Developmental in design, we examine black males in the context of childhood, adolescence, gender relations and family, and the world of work.
  • African American Studies 5B African American Life and Culture in the United States

    Three hours of lecture and one hour of discussion per week. Emphasis on the social experience of African Americans. An interdisciplinary approach designed to help students understand the forces and ideas that are influencing the individual and collective African American experience.
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  • African American Studies 155 Literature of the Caribbean: Significant Themes

    Three hours of lecture per week. Prerequisites: Reading and composition requirement. An introduction to representative works, themes, and discourses in Caribbean literatures--produced by authors from the Anglophone, Creolophone, Francophone, and Hispanophone areas within Plantation America. Includes examinations of indigenous folkways and nation languages as sources for a re-examination of Caribbean culture and literary history.