• African American Studies & African American Studies Spring 2015 Schedule of Courses

    AAS R1A: Literature of Africa and its Diaspora (Nanda, M/W, 9-10a, 00503)

    AAS R1B: Race, Gender, Sexuality in African American Literature (Nanda, M/W, 12-1p, 00509)

    AAS R1B: _Writing for the Race(Burden-Stelly, M/W, 4-5:30p, 00515)

    AAS R1B:TBA(Staff, M/W/F, 8-9a, 00521)

    AAS 5B: African American Life & Culture in the United States (Jones, T/TH, 12:30-2p, 00527)

    AAS 7B: Elementary Wolof (Sow, M/Tu, 10-11a, 00539)

    AAS 10B: Intermediate Swahili (McHombo, MTWTH, 11-12p, 00545)

    AAS 11B: Elementary Swahili (Kyeu, MTWTH, 9-10a, 00548)

    AAS 11B: Elementary Swahili (Kyeu, MTWTH, 11-12p, 00551)

    AAS 15B: Advanced Swahili (Kyeu, M/W, 1-3p, 00554)

    AAS 24P: Fresh. Seminar: Language & Politics in Southern Africa (McHombo, W, 2-3, 00560)

    AAS 24P: Fresh. Seminar: Sport, Celebrity, and Controversy in American Culture (Banks, W, 2-3p 00562)

    AAS 28AC: Globalization & Minority American Communities (Vincent, T/TH, 3:30-5p, 00563)

    AAS 30B: Elementary Chichewa (Mchombo, MTWTH, 3-4p, 00566)

    AAS 98 BC: Berkeley Connect (Alarcon, Tu, 5-6p, 00593)

    AAS 98BC: Berkeley Connect (McGee, Th, 6-7p, 00596)

    AAS 101: Research Methods for AAS (Staff, M/W, 4-5:30p, 00605)

    AAS 12B: Political & Economic Development in the Third World (Nimako, M, 12p, 00611)

    AAS 115: Language & Social Issues in Africa (McHombo, Tu/Th, 9:30-11a, 00617)

    AAS 117: African Americans in the Industrial Age, 1865-1970 (U. Taylor, M/W, 10-12p, 00619)

    AAS 122: African American Families in American Society (Frye, T/TH, 3:30-5p, 00620)

    AAS 126: African American Women’s History (U. Taylor, W, 2-5p, 00623)

    AAS 138: Black Nationalism (J. Taylor, M/W, 10-12, 00629)

    AAS 139: American City Twinning and Globalization (Laguerre, W, 2-5p, 00631)

    AAS 153C: Novels of Toni Morrison (Scott, T/TH, 12:30-2p, 00632)

    AAS 156AC: Poetry for the People: Introduction to the Art of Poetry (De Leon, W, 10-12p, 00635)

    AAS 157: Creative Writing (Scott, T/TH/ 3:30-5p, 00659)

    AAS 158B: Poetry for the People Practicum (De Leon, T/TH, 12-2p, 00662)

    AAS 159: Special Topics in African American Literature (Stanley, T/TH, 4-6p, 00664)