• 2017 Fall: AFRICAM 24 001 Freshman Seminars

    • Tue 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
    • Stephen A Small
    • Barrows 190
    • 1

    People of mixed racial origins are one of the fastest growing populations in California and across the United States. This course provides an overview of their contemporary circumstances and describes some sources and methods available for studying these populations (including those of mixed Asian, Black, Chicano, Native American or white ancestry). We will review some of the main themes in writings about people of mixed racial origins; and we will examine various sources for identifying mixed race populations, including census, biographies, literature and films. This course will equip students with basic research skills that can be utilized for other projects in African American Studies, Ethnic Studies, History, Sociology, Anthropology and Cultural Studies. This seminar is designed for freshman students interested in thinking about people of mixed race origins in the United States.