The Center for African Studies succeeded in getting both the Title VI NRC and FLAS grants from the US Department of Education. The NRC includes funds for adding courses in Amharic and Igbo, while FLAS grants will go towards supporting graduate students seeking advanced training in African languages. FLAS funds are also available to undergraduate students (with limitations), who are at the intermediate level. More information about Title VI NRC and FLAS grant are to be found in the following links: 

(i) FLAS: https://africa.berkeley.edu/flas 

(ii) Title VI Center: https://africa.berkeley.edu/titleVI 


Students seeking to satisfy their foreign language requirement may use Swahili and some of the other African languages that are taught in the department. More information about about UC Berkeley’s foreign language requirement is found in the following link: http://guide.berkeley.edu/undergraduate/colleges-schools/letters-science/foreign-language-requirement/