Cherod Johnson

Doctoral Student

Cherod is a PhD student in African American Studies and alumni of Bowling Green State University (B.A. in Print Journalism), the University of Pittsburgh (M.A. in Rhetoric), and the University of Wisconsin (M.A. in Gender and Women’s Studies, with an emphasis in Art History and Visual Culture).

The questions that sustain his work emerge from an abiding interest in queer theory, psychoanalysis, and feminist studies. In particular, he is interested in articulations of blackness in twentieth century American literature and visual cultures (from photography to film), and how sociopolitical claims of personhood and rights discourse are initiated by and especially worked out through iterations of antiblackness. More specifically, his line of inquiry has focused on the ways in which the black body troubles traditional understandings of the archive, memory, and subjectivity, and how the visualization of the sexed and raced body may potentially call out for a public reckoning.