To complete the major, students must take a cluster of ten courses focused on a specific area of concentration (for those who are doing an honors thesis, the two theses courses will serve as electives). Five of the ten courses must be selected from African American Studies departmental course offerings. The remaining three courses may be taken from other departments. The cluster must be pre-approved by the department's academic advisor. For more information on forming a cluster, or for a sample, please see the advisor. Completion of or enrollment in the following four courses is required in order to declare the major: AAS 4A-4B: African: History and Culture and AAS 5A-5B: Black Life and Culture. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the lower division requirements early in their academic program. Upon declaring the major, students are required to complete the following upper division core requirements:

Upper Division Core Requirements
AAS 100: Introduction to African American Studies
AAS 101: Interdisciplinary Research Methods
AAS 116: Colonialism, Slavery, and African American Life Before 1865
AAS 117: African Americans in the Industrial Age, 1865-1970
Upper Division Elective Requirements
AAS 107: Race and Public Policy
AAS 109: Black and Male in the United States
AAS 111: Race, Class and Gender in the United States
AAS 112A: Political and Economic Development in Third World
AAS 112B: Political and Economic Development in the Third World
AAS 114: LInguistic Structure of Bantu Languages
AAS 115: Language and Social Issues in Africa
AAS 118: The Slave Trade and the Culture in the Modern Atlantic World
AAS 119: Selected Topics in the Socio-Historical Development of the Black World
AAS 121: Black Political Life in the United States
AAS 122: African American Families in American Society
AAS 123: Social and Political Thought in the Diaspora
AAS 124: Political Philosophy of Martin L. King Jr.
AAS 126: African American Women's History
AAS 131: Caribbean Societies and Cultures
AAS C133: Race, Identity, and Culture in Urban Schools
AAS 134: Information Technology and Society
AAS 135: Caribbean Cultural History
AAS 137: Multicultural Communities
AAS 138: Black Nationalism
AAS 139: Selected Topics of African American Social Organizations and Institutions.

(A Total of 4 or 6 (depending on status of thesis)* from Social Sciences and Humanities)

Humanities Courses
AAS 140: Special Topics in Cultural Studies
AAS 142A: Third World Cinema
AAS 142AC: Race and American Film
AAS 142B: The Cross-Cultural Images of American Minorities in Film
AAS 142D: Race and American Film
AAS 143A: Performance: African American Perspective
AAS 143B: Research-to-Performance Laboratory
AAS 143C: Black Theater Workshop
AAS 144: Introduction to Cultural Studies: Black Visual Culture
AAS 150B: African American Literature 1920 to present
AAS C15B: Contemporary African American Drama
AAS 152F: Neo-Slave Narratives
AAS 153B: Contemporary Images of African American Women in Literature
AAS 153C: Novels of Toni Morrison
AAS 155: Literature of the Caribbean
AAS 156AC: Poetry for the People
AAS 158A: The Writing and Teaching of Poetry
AAS 159: Special Topics in African American Literature
AAS C178: Cultural Studies
AAS 190AC: Advanced Seminar in African Diaspora Studies

Senior Thesis:

The department no longer requires a senior thesis for graduation from students who are not eligible for honors.  Students with a GPA in the major of 3.5 or higher and an overall UC GPA of 3.3 or higher are eligible for graduation with honors under the condition that they write an honors thesis.  Two faculty advisors are required to direct the thesis and to serve as readers of the Honors Thesis.  Students writing the Honors Thesis must enroll in AAS H195A and H 195B: Senior Honors Thesis, in their senior year.

Honors Thesis Overview

Honors Thesis Format

Honors Thesis for Advisors