Zachary Manditch Prottas

Ph.D. Candidate

Zach Manditch-Prottas is PhD candidate in African Diaspora Studies at the University of California Berkeley. He earned a M.A in African American Studies from University of California Berkeley, an M.A. in American Studies from Columbia University and a B.A. in American Studies at Connecticut College.

Zach situates his research within subfield of Black Masculinity Studies and utilizes queer theory, literary theory and psychoanalysis to examine varying sites of cultural discourse, primarily 20th African American literature. His dissertation is entitled Zealous Watchmen: Intraracial Homosociality and The Black Arts Movement. This dissertation close reads canonical Black Arts Movement texts to examine how themes of homophobia, anti-white sentiment, claims of black race traitorousness and general emasculative language are wedded in a mutually constitutive semiotic discourse of intraracial masculinity.