Kianna Middleton

Doctoral Student

Kianna received her Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Colorado State University in the spring of 2006 as well as a Master’s degree in Ethnic Studies from Colorado State University. In the spring of 2012 Kianna successfully defended her Master’s thesis, ““I Feel, Therefore I Can be Free”: Black Women and Chicana Queer Narratives as Differential Consciousness and Foundational Theory.” Kianna's essay, "Generational Survival, the Repetition of Memory, Autonomy and Empowerment in Gayl Jones’ Corregidora" was printed in SUNY Oneonta’s Women’s and Gender Studies journal Praxis: Gender and Cultural Critiques in the Spring/Fall 2010 issue and both this essay and thesis continue to inspire her to do the work of queer theorizing, tracing generational memory and trauma, and recovering and contributing to the existence of queer Black women in literature and academia.